Keynotes and Workshops

Jamie has extensive experience across many different industries, with especially strong insights into the Automotive, Financial Services, Technology & Telecommunications, Professional Services, and Fast Moving Consumer Goods sectors.

Unlike many keynote speakers who give the same talk in any setting, Jamie's deep industry experience and extensive interactions with practicing managers enable him to adapt and customise his talks and workshops to be directly relevant to the business focus of his corporate clients. 

Jamie brings together the theories and frameworks of business strategy and links them to creativity, innovation, change and leadership through examples of innovators, entrepreneurs and global leaders.  With a unique presentation style, he both enlightens and entertains his audience.

Jamie is a superb storyteller, and he believes that business should be fun. His presentations are very rich in multimedia, and there’s always interaction and audience participation, whether in a workshop or for a keynote presentation at a conference of hundreds of attendees. Jamie's  wit and humor makes his lectures an unforgettable experience. 

You can see many of Jamie's talks on the TED Platform and YouTube, including this talk on Leading in a Digital World. 

More on his keynote topics and workshops

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