Antwerp Management School, (BE)

Jamie Anderson is Adjunct Professor of Strategic Management at Antwerp Management School teaching a wide range of management development programs. He reaches out to both senior executives and to younger professionals.

In the Executive MBA program, he works with the executives on the direction and scope of an entire organization in a changing, competitive and globalizing world, where resource configurations are managed to achieve advantage for the organization raising the issues of time horizon, sustainability, and purpose. His module aspires to help find answers on strategic questions with regard to markets and customers

For the Next Generation Leadership Program, Jamie works with senior executives focusing on the organization’s capability to renew and constantly fuel innovation and strategic sustainability.

As core Faculty in the program Building Innovative Organisations, Jamie helps participants boost individual and collective creativity, leading to higher levels of innovation and organizational growth.   

London Business School, London (UK)

Since 2004 Jamie Anderson has been visiting lecturer for customized Executive Education Programs at London Business School. He has worked with the School's clients such as Ericsson, HP, IBM, Nokia Vodafone and Telenor, teaching in the areas of competitive strategy, innovation and change management.    

ESMT, Berlin (GE)

Jamie is a member of the visiting faculty at ESMT, the European School of Management and Technology where he previously held a permanent position.  He teaches on both open enrolment and customized Executive Programs with a focus on creativity, innovation and organizational transformation. Clients have included Axel Springer, Bosch-Siemens, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, E.ON and MAN, among others. 

Lorange Institute, Zurich (CH)

Jamie has been a member of the faculty at the Lorange Institute since 2009 where he has taught strategic management on the School’s MBA program. He has also presented classes on creativity and innovation in both open and customized Executive Education courses.

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